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When you enter our site the driver of Your device may be used to store so called cookies, that is small text files sent either by our site or the services we link on our site. The cookies are used on websites for the convenience they offer the site users, to adjust the contents and functions displayed to their needs and expectations and also for statistical purposes.

We do not store nor process the information that is saved on Your computer after sending from our server.

Every user can change the settings of cookies in the browser used by them, including the possibility to completely switch them off. If you don’t switch the saving of cookies from our site completely, this means that you consent for their saving and storage on your computer.

Apart from cookies sent from our server through our website, the cookie files can also be sent from servers of the sites that we linked our website with, e.g. Google Analytics, YouTube or social networking services.

How to switch the cookies off?

Every Internet user can adjust cookie protection settings to his/her preferences, including switching the saving of cookies completely off.
Information regarding cookie settings in the respective web browsers are available at the addresses below:

If you are using a mobile device (phone, smartphone, tablet) please refer to the privacy protection options provided in the documentation on the website of the manufacturer of your device.