The Museum of Archeology and History

The Museum of Archeology and History

The Museum of Archeology and History in Elbląg exhibits interesting artifacts from two research locations: the Old Town in Elbląg and the former merchant settlement of Truso. The excavations that continue for over 20 years now in the Old Town on a scale that is unprecedented in Europe make the museum collections grow in thousands of artifacts made of ceramic, metal, wood, leather, amber, glass, etc. each year. Some of these objects are unique on European scale, as for example the collection of Medieval musical instruments, pilgrimage signs, or wax boards that were once used as teaching aids. The items found prove the extensive trade relations of Elbląg merchants with many centers of the old Europe.
The research in Truso also brought superb results. Between 8th and 10th century AD, on the banks of Druzno lake a trading post was established by the Danish Vikings. At some period of time its significance in trade in the Baltic zone was comparable with the Birka settlement near Stockholm and Hedby of Jutland Peninsula. In Truso we can trace back trade relations with many regions of old Europe and also Arab countries.

Permanent exhibitions of the Museum are supplemented by temporary exhibitions and additional events – history lessons, antiquities fairs, staged historic events.

Muzeum Archeologiczno Historyczne w Elblągu, Bulwar Zygmunta Augusta, tel. 55 232 72 73,

Opening hours:

October 1st - May 31st
Tuesday - Sunday 8:30-15:30

June 1st - September 30th
Tuesday - Sunday 10:30 - 17:30

Eastern Forecastle Building - free entrance

Gymnasium Building - paid entrance

On Mondays Museum is closed